Dear Patients,
At Umedical we are working hard to increase access to care.
If you have an episodic urgent medical need please call our office.
Also, avoid going to Walk-In Clinics or other Providers outside our clinic.
We are pleased to announce that we have after-hours clinics every week on the following days:
Mondays 5-8 pm
Thursdays 5-8 pm
Wednesdays 5-8 pm (NOTE: VARIES EVERY WEEK)
Saturdays 10-1 pm
Rules for after-hours clinic use:
-This clinic is for episodic and emergency care only, not for followup or preventative care visits
-Doctor visits are by appointment only
-The visit will be by phone or in person at the Doctor’s discretion
-No walk-ins are allowed
-call ahead on the same day and you will be booked for the After Hours Clinic appointment 
-For any life-threatening emergency please call 911 or go to the Emergency Room
What medical problems can be addressed in the After Hours Clinic?
Examples are :
-Urine infection
-Skin reaction or infection
-Injuries such as sprains
-Eye infection
-Cold, cough
-Asthma or COPD exacerbation without respiratory distress
-Need for MD note
When should I call 911 or go to my emergency room;
-Chest Pain
-Bone Fracture
-Severe Abdominal Pain
-Lacerations/ Cuts needing sutures
Always remember: Your Family Doctor is the MD who knows you best and has access to most of your medical information. Please book appointments with your doctor periodically for preventative healthcare and health maintenance.