Join our program for Uninsured Medical Services Toronto and enjoy a more enhanced patient care experience, not covered by our government funded insurance plan

uninsured medical services torontoWe strongly recommend uMedical Patients to join our Uninsured Services Program.
This allows your health team at uMedical to work more efficiently while keeping focus on quality medical care.
While OHIP covers most of your medical needs, there are many services we provide that are not covered.
Some examples are:

  • Prescription Renewals by phone
  • Work notes, insurance forms, physician statements
  • Referrals to physiotherapy and massage
  • Travel counselling and vaccines
  • Missed appointments
  • Mini phone consultation with the doctor (physician discretion)
  • Coming soon: Telemedicine, email communications

Paying for medical services individuall can add up, and be costly in emergency situations. Avoid the added stress of payments by joining our Uninsured Medical Services Toronto program. Please ask a member of our team for special pricing. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Please see fee schedule below for the most common Uninsured Medical Services.

Non­‐Insured ServicesPay­‐As­‐You­‐Go FeeUninsured Services Program
Notes, Forms Certificates
Sick Note$20
Daycare note (free of communicable disease)$20
Disability tax credit cerHficate (form T2201)$40
Employment insurance/maternity cerHficate$20
Illness/return to work note$20
Legal report (hourly) OMA RATE X Private insurance form$30-$200x
Massage/Physiotherapy or Compression Stockings/OrthoHcs Note$20
Revenue Canada Federal Disability Tax Credit cerHficate$50
Travel cancellaHon form$35
ImmunizaHon Record for Work or School$75
Other notes and forms$20-$50
Referral to specialist, phone request by paHent$30
Diagnosis, Counselling and Treatment
Driver's medical form$150
Telephone consult by MD (5-10 min ) physician discretion : $60, 1 per year$50
Pap test done at the request of patient; not covered by OHIP (lab fees will be billed directly by lab)$60
Prescription refills by phone or fax$20
TB skin test and reading$40
Third party physical exam$80
Travel consultaHon$50
Uninsured vaccinaHon$15
Liquid Nitrogen Treatment (e.i. Mole Removal)$60-$120x
Medical Supplies (up to $25)VariableUp to $25
Other Services
Results printout (labs, imaging, reports, etc.)$1/page
Missed appointment (less than 24 hour no,ce)up to 1 missed appointment$50
Missed periodic health visit (less than 24 hour notice) $100x
Transfer of medical records $30 for first 10 pages, 1 dollar per page afterx
Uninsured Visit$100x
ANNUAL BLOCK FEE PROGRAM COSTIndividual: $120Couple: $200