Join our Block Fee Program for Uninsured Medical Services- Review Benefits Below

uninsured medical services torontoWe strongly recommend Umedical Patients to join our Uninsured Services Program.
This allows your health team at Umedical to work more efficiently while keeping focus on quality medical care.
While OHIP covers most of your medical needs, there are many services we provide that are not covered.
Some examples are:

  • Prescription Renewals by phone
  • Work notes, insurance forms, physician statements
  • Referrals to physiotherapy and massage
  • Travel counselling and vaccines
  • Phone Consultation
  • Videoconference Consultation -MD discretion

Sign up for all-inclusive Annual Block Fee plan

We have partnered with Doctor Services to help you sign up to our Block Fee Program, please contact them directly at:

Phone : 1-866-423-8267

Paying for medical services individuall can add up, and be costly in emergency situations. Avoid the added stress of payments by joining our Uninsured Medical Services Toronto program. Please ask a member of our team for special pricing. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Please see fee schedule below for the most common Uninsured Medical Services.

The Following Un-Insured Services ARE COVERED by paying the Annual Fee General Un-Insured Services

Prescription Renewals by phone/fax (when appropriate and only at the request of the patient or their pharmacy)*$25 - per request
Ear Wash$40
APS (Attending Physician Statement)$150
Illness and Return to Work Notes$30
Massage Therapy and Orthotics$35
Day Care Notes$30
School/Camp Forms$30
Travel Cancellation Forms$50 to $75Depending on length
Referral Note for Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, etc.$35
Transfer of Medical RecordsFirst 20 pages $30Each page after 20: $0.25
Letters on behalf of patients$35 - 200Depending on time and work involved
Medical Supplies, Dressings, etc.$25
Lost Prescriptions, Notes, Referrals$30
Uninsured Vaccine Administration$25
TB Test & Reading$40 per testTB Form only: $20.00
Medical Examination for Return to Work requested by Employer$75
Driver’s Medical Form (MOT)$160
Third Party Physical Exam$160
Photocopying/Printing$1.00 per page
Travel info/vaccination$40
Medical Report / Forms
OCF-3 Disability Certificate$160
Commercial weight loss program$30
Employment Insurance / Maternity Certificate$30
Fitness Club Forms$42
Private Insurance Forms$30-$500Depending on time and work involved
Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness$42
Jury Duty Letter$35
Certificate of Medical Status$30
Revenue Canada Disability Form$83
Disability Tax Credit Certificate$85
Children’s Aid Society Forms$50Application for prospective foster parents
Replacement of Immunization Certificate$40
Forms required for Volunteer Work$30
*Prescription renewals require an office visit to reassess the medical condition requiring the prescription. Please anticipate your renewals at your office visit.

The Following Un-Insured Services ARE NOT COVERED by the Annual Fee

Available as per the standard guidelines set by the Ontario Medical Association-OMA.

Missed Appointment$40
Missed Annual Physical Examination$100
Insurance/Disability FormsOMA Rate
Legal ReportsOMA Rate