Dear Patient,

Dr. Hong is no longer working at Umedical as of January 1st, 2023.

We are happy to announce that Umedical will be able to continue to provide ongoing primary care to all of Dr Hong’s patients. You have already been assigned to your new provider. Please email our office if you would like to know who your new provider is, otherwise you will be told this information when you call for your next visit.  Kindly visit our website, to get more information on the providers at Umedical . Due to the extreme shortage of primary care providers our health system is currently facing, you cannot choose your new provider. Additionally we will not accept requests for internal transfers. We can assure you that all our providers are competent and will continue to provide you with exceptional care.
If you choose to find a provider outside of Umedical, please ask your new provider/MD to fax or email a signed consent form, allowing us to release your chart to your new provider.

The fax number is: 416 546 3657
The email is:
We will forward a copy of your chart to your new provider. The administrative cost of transferring records is not covered by OHIP. We are charging a reduced cost of $30 for this service.