What is a FHO in Ontario2019-12-06T14:13:18-05:00

A Family Health Organization (FHO) is an initiative of the Ontario Medical Association and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. An FHO is a group of family physicians who are working together to give you and your family better access to quality primary health care services.

Can I go to another walk-in clinics if I am part of your FHO?2019-11-13T13:00:18-05:00
The preference is that you DO NOT go to another walk-in clinic outside of uMedical.
If you belong to uMedical FHO, your doctor will be billed by OHIP if you visit a different clinic.
Additionally, if you go to a different walk-in clinic, that clinic DOES NOT FORWARD YOUR RECORDS to uMedical, so our records of your health will not be complete.
The government compensates uMedical for remaining open extra hours and into the evening many times per week to ensure you have access to urgent medical care.
What services are not covered by OHIP for patients that are part of a FHO?2019-11-13T13:01:34-05:00
The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for most of your medical visits to our office.
There are, however, uninsured services, which OHIP does NOT COVER, such as:
  • prescription refills by phone
  • medical forms for insurance
  • legal or employment purposes
  • photocopying, faxing and transferring medical records
While you can pay for these services on an as-needed basis, Family Physicians at uMedical Station offer a Block fee program ( link) as a more convenient and cost-effective way to manage these charges.
Please speak to a receptionist to enquire about this plan.
Can I get my results mailed or emailed to me? 2022-11-20T14:10:15-05:00

We can send the results to you via email or mail after confirming with your physician. However, please be advised there may be a $10-$20 administrative fee. Patients signed on to our block fee program are exempt from these charges. Additionally, you can access your results directly through Lifelabs.

Are you accepting new patients?2022-11-20T14:05:56-05:00

Currently we are not accepting new patients because of a long wait time. We will start accepting patients in the Spring of 2022. Kindly keep checking the website for any updates.

What happens if I miss my appointment?2022-11-20T14:11:12-05:00

Please understand, missed appointments waste our valuable physician time and prevents other patients from accessing care, it makes wait times for patients longer and it wastes administrative resources. If for any reason you are not able to make it for the appointment, please contact us via email or phone 48 hrs. in advance. Even if you call us 2 hours before your scheduled time, it  is still appreciated. All appointment reminders are sent via email in advance to your appointment day and time .Hence ,please be aware that it is the physician’s discretion to charge for no show visits. This is in accordance with Ontario Medical Association guidelines. No show phone visit: $20, No show in person visit: $5-, No Show full physical visit $75. Prices vary depending on the physician.

Can I get a prescription renewal via phone?2022-11-20T14:12:09-05:00

Please have your pharmacy fax us the request directly to our clinic. Our fax number is 416-546-3657.


Once your prescription is ready for pick up, your pharmacy will call you. Also note we need at least 7-10 days advance notice to fill the prescription .Any last-minute refill may include a prescription refill fee.
As per. clinic policy, all narcotic refills require an appointment with your family doctor BEFORE a request can be made.

The physician reserves the right to deny prescribing a specific medication.

Most physicians charge a $20 refill fee – see uninsured services section in our homepage.

Can I book an appointment via email? 2022-11-20T14:12:57-05:00

Kindly call us at your earliest convenience to book an appointment .We cannot provide appointment and availability over emails since the slots get booked very quickly .Alternatively , you can book appointments online via our website www.umedical.ca (Except for Dr. Kiahosseini) .

ATTENTION: If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please proceed to the Emergency Room nearest to you.

If this is an urgent appointment request ,please call us and we will try to accommodate you with us for a same day appointment or after-hours clinic which is Monday-Thursday 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm (Phone only) and Saturdays 10.00 am to 1.00 pm (In Clinic) .

What issues may not need an appointment?2022-11-20T14:13:40-05:00

Please note for:

Prescription Refill:  If you require a refill, please have your pharmacy fax us the request at 416.546.3657. Refills for opioids or psychoactive medication require an appointment.

Doctor’s Notes:  Please send an email to admin@umedical.ca stating the reason and length of the requested day off, please note this is an uninsured service subject to a charge. We encourage all patients to sign up for our block fee program to be covered for the year /please find the link below :


Bloodwork/Testing:  If you are requesting for a requisition for bloodwork or testing, you can e-mail admin@umedical.ca requesting this as you may not need an appointment for this (i.e. Mammogram requisition, routine bloodwork, etc. ).

Apart from these, all-physical exam and other medical concerns need an appointment.

My pharmacy sent a prescription ,when will it be refilled?2022-11-20T14:14:39-05:00

Please be advised we need at least 7-10 days advance notice to refill the prescriptions. Urgent refills are subject to a charge of $20.00 it is very difficult for the doctors to accommodate last-minute requests, these kinds of request cause significant disruption in our flow. Hence ,kindly keep a buffer time when you know you will be out of medication.

My appointment time was e.g. 10.00 am it’s e.g 10.20 am now. I still haven’t got a call?2022-11-20T14:16:14-05:00

Providing patient care in a timely and effective manner is our top priority. We provide our patients a window of up to 1 hour from your appointment time .Our doctors will try their best to call you on time as we understand your time is valuable too. However, we ask you to keep that window of an hour to be available to answer the call.

My doctor just called me for my appointment but I missed the call or the call went straight to voicemail. Can you connect me to them?2022-11-20T14:17:13-05:00

Please note if you miss the doctors call on the scheduled appointment time, they will attempt to call you twice. If you still miss the call, they will move on to the next patient. Our admin staff will notify them about your call, if you call us within a 30 min window of your appointment. Otherwise you will have to rebook your appointment.

I recently did a blood test but I haven’t heard from my doctor yet?2022-11-20T14:18:03-05:00

Your family doctor receives blood work and diagnostic imaging reports within a week. MRI’s/ CT Scans/ Mammograms within 2 weeks.  Some doctors will ask you to book a visit a few weeks after you have done your tests, others will say that you will be called only if you have an abnormal result. Others will book a follow-up appointment a few months after your first visit for both follow-up and results review. This plan should be discussed with your doctor during your visit. If you want to have a discussion with your doctor about your results, please let us know and your physician will decide how the results are relayed to you. It could be a simple message from them or it could be an appointment for discussion. For any abnormal results, your physician will always communicate with you to let you know and discuss results directly with you. We ask patients to avoid multiple calls for results relaying.

I have documents or photos that I want to send to my doctor. Can I email them?2022-11-20T14:18:42-05:00

We are not accepting any documents or photos via email anymore. Please find the link below to upload your documents to your chart securely:


Or you can submit them under “Submit photos and documents “ via our website .

PS: You will not be able to submit photos and documents if you do not have a health card (E.g, you are a Private pay, IFH ,Out of province patient ).

How do I prepare for my visit with my doctor?2022-11-20T17:20:12-05:00

Phone visit:

  • Be ready for your call in a quiet / private place/ have pen and paper ready to write information down.
  • Have your medication list and list of questions ready. Doctors may refuse to talk to you if you are driving or in a crowded or noisy place.

In person visit:

  • Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled visit. Do not arrive earlier.
  • If you arrive over 15 minutes late you will be considered a NO SHOW.
  • Have your list of medications / or bring all your medication bottles and vitamin bottles.

For meet and greet visits:

  • bring list of specialists with name / number /address, and
  • ring address of locations where you had diagnostic tests done in the past (x-rays/ mammograms)
  • bring pharmacy information with name and address.
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