Dear Patients, 

Dr. Hong will no longer work at Umedical as of January 1st, 2023.

We are very sad to see her leave and wish her all the best in her new career path.

We are happy to announce that Umedical will be able to continue to provide ongoing primary care to you. You will be assigned to your new provider when you call in for an appointment. We are very happy to announce that we have a highly skilled Nurse Practitioner who will take over the role as your primary care provider.

Frequently asked Questions for Dr. Hong’s Patients

Who will be my new provider?

You will be assigned to a Nurse Practitioner. We are confident that your new NP will be able to manage all your care needs. The NP will be supported and consulted on by Dr. Barrientos or another Umedical MD when necessary. 

Can a NP take care of all my care needs?

YES! Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who have additional education and nursing experience, which enables them to:

  • Autonomously diagnose and treat illnesses
  • Order and interpret tests
  • Prescribe medications
  • Perform medical procedures

NPs are health-care professionals who treat the whole person, an approach that includes:

  • Addressing needs relating to a person’s physical and mental health
  • Gathering medical history
  • Focusing on how an illness affects a person’s life and family
  • Offering ways for a person to lead a healthy life
  • Teaching persons how to manage chronic illness
  • When you NP cannot manage a specific aspect of your care they will consult a Physician.

For more information on Nurse Practitioners please go to :

Why do I need to sign a roster form again? I already signed one.

The roster form is a way for the Ministry of Health to know who your primary care provider is. The previous roster form was for you to get care from Dr. Hong, now you will be under the care of a new provider, as such, a new roster form needs to be signed.

When you sign this consent, you are allowing Umedical to share your information with the Ministry of Health so they know where you are getting your primary care. The ministry uses this information to track preventative care interventions like Pap smears and Colon Cancer Checks. In addition, the Ministry of Health disperses funds to Umedical to cover the cost for the services you are getting from our providers.

Will I have to wait to be seen by my new provider? 

Your new provider will have weekly hours, and wait times are expected to be less than 2 weeks. You will consult via phone or in person as needed.

For emergency care, your provider will have same day appointments on most days,  you can also consult a Umedical physician/NP in the After-Hours Clinic .

Can I continue to use the After-Hours Clinic (AHC)?

YES! You can continue to use the after-hours clinic as before. Our clinic hours are Monday-Thursday 5-8 pm and Saturdays 10-1 pm. Please call on the same day after 4 pm to book a same day visit or on Friday 9-5pm for the Saturday AHC clinic

Can I go to a walk-in clinic?

We discourage patients from using walk-in clinics to avoid disruptions in your continuity of care and coordination of care. Umedical staff is available from Monday to Friday 9-5 and Saturdays from 10-1 pm. Our providers have same day visits and after hours visits to be able to take care of all your health care needs. When you go to a walk-in clinic, the ministry of health and Umedical are notified. Repeated visits to walk in clinics may result in you losing your privileges to use the After Hours Clinic.

Can I transfer to another Primary Care Provider within Umedical.

No. Unfortunately, our current Primary Care Providers do not have the capacity to roster more patients. You will be assigned to an NP.

I found another Primary Care Provider outside of Umedical, how do I get my chart transferred to them.

If you found a new provider outside of Umedical, please ask your new provider to fax or email a signed consent form, that allows us to release your chart to your new provider.

The fax number is: 416 546 3487

The email is:

We will forward a copy of your chart to your new provider. The administrative cost of transferring records is not covered by OHIP. We are charging a reduced cost of $30 for this service.

I want a copy of my medical records- how do I get this?

We are happy to give you a copy of your records.

-For your own record or those of your children – please advise us in writing that you wish to have a copy of your record, and come in person to pick it up. You will be asked for your ID prior to pickup. An administrative fee of $30 applies

-For the record of an adult member of your family- please provide a signed consent form.

-You can find a “Request to Get My Medical Records” form on our website under: Patient Information -Patient Documents