From all the staff at Umedical and myself, I would like to extend my sincerest warm wishes during the Holiday Season. After almost 21 months since the start of the pandemic, we are seeing the positive effects of vaccination and though we still need to be cautious, life is slowly returning to an acceptable new-normal. We are very grateful for all the patience and support my patients have provided us over the last many months and we appreciate your ongoing patience and kindness as we work hard to accommodate patients with varied needs.

Our office is committed to serving your health care needs. We take care to screen patients and personally clean every exam room between appointments and to ensure limited patient traffic. Our staff is also working diligently to upgrade technology and to improve our protocols and enhance access and communication to our patients.


For patients that have family members or friends looking for a new Family Doctor, I am happy to announce that we have two new Doctors that have joined Umedical. Dr. Shirin Kiahosseini and Dr. Sam Oldfield are now accepting new patients. Please check our website ( for information on how to register.


Please be sure to keep us updated if your phone number, email home address or pharmacy changes. Contact Service Ontario if your Health Card is close to expiring and let us know when you get your new card in the mail. You can go to our website ( to update your pharmacy information or email us at


We are encouraging all patients to book VIRTUAL appointments with me first. I will contact you by phone initially. If after your virtual visit you need an IN PERSON visit, we can help coordinate this for you. If you believe you require an in-person visit, please let the front staff know and we will try our best to accommodate you. To book a visit please email; or go to our website at:


Please call our office to book these in advance. If your child is due for immunizations, they will have an IN PERSON visit, otherwise, you may be booked a VIRTUAL visit.


It is important to keep up with your cancer screening tests such as pap tests, mammogram or colon cancer screening and adult vaccinations. Please call us if you are due for these and we are happy to help coordinate these important tests. We now have high dose Flu Vaccines for seniors over 65 Please note: we DO NOT provide COVID vaccines. For information on where to get your COVID 19 vaccine, go to:


Every day, I spend time renewing prescriptions for my patients in a way that is safe, accurate and timely. We recognize that the pandemic has been a financially challenging time for many, so for all patients, from April 2020 to December 2021 our office decided to waive most fees associated with prescription renewals. As of January 1, 2022, I will again be billing patients for any prescription renewals outside of a visit (virtual or in office). Attached is our block fee form if you would prefer to pay for yourself and/or your family using the block fee.

As clinicians, we will prescribe your medication with enough of a supply until such time that we feel you should book an appointment to follow up with us. Typically I will not prescribe a medication if I have not had contact with the patient for over 1 year or if I have never prescribed a requested medication. As a patient, it is your responsibility to keep track of how much of your medication is remaining and book an appointment to get a refill well before it is due.
If I see you on a regular basis ( ie more than 3 times per year) and I have asked you to ask your pharmacy to send prescription renewals when needed, I will not charge you for these refills.

Like other professionals, we also bill for non-OHIP services such as notes for massage, physiotherapy or back to work/school letters. For a full list of non-OHIP covered services please see the attached form.

We very much look forward to seeing you again in person soon. We miss our face-toface interactions with you, it is one of the truly joyful aspects of family medicine. It cannot be overstated that we are all in this together, and so let us be calm, be kind and be safe.


Dr Lorena Barrientos MD CCFP FCFM
Medical Director, Family Physician
U Medical Family Health Organization
600 Sherbourne Street Unit 212 & 202
Toronto, ON
M4X 1W4
p: 416 546 3487 f:416 546-3657